The New Era of Affordable Real Estate Investing

3 min readAug 15, 2023


The landscape of real estate investing has experienced significant changes in recent years. With the dawn of innovative new platforms such as Arrived Homes, Cadre, and Homebase, the largely unchanged real estate industry is undergoing a digital transformation to make way for exciting innovations such as AI and blockchain. This provides opportunities for affordable real estate investing for any buyer, regardless of their background.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology serves as the backbone for many digital innovations, including cryptocurrencies and tokenized real estate assets. In essence, blockchain is a disruptor for the way data is stored, but, in its most sophisticated form, it is a decentralized and transparent system where data is stored in blocks and linked through cryptographic principles. This technology ensures security and transparency in transactions, providing a trustworthy environment for investments and a new foundation for ownership in 2023.

Digital Property Investments: A Modern Approach

Digital property investments refer to the use of technologies, such as blockchain, to buy, sell, and manage real estate properties. This includes tokenized property ownership, where real estate is divided into tokens that can be bought, sold, or traded.

Here’s how it revolutionizes the traditional real estate market:

  • Accessibility: Through fractional property investing, individuals can invest in real estate online with as little as $100 real estate investment, making it highly accessible.
  • Transparency: Blockchain’s transparent nature allows investors to verify transactions and ownership without relying on intermediaries.
  • Liquidity: Tokenized real estate assets can be traded on various platforms, offering improved liquidity compared to traditional real estate.

Fractional investing is an essential aspect of digital property investments. By breaking down a property into smaller shares or tokens, it enables more people to participate and makes real estate ownership and investment affordable once again. This process democratizes access to property investments, allowing anyone to become a part of the real estate world, even with limited capital.

The New Horizon: Digital Technologies and Blockchain

The implementation of digital technologies and blockchain in real estate has revolutionized transaction methods:

  • Smart Contracts: Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with terms directly written into code. They automatically execute actions once predefined conditions are met, reducing the need for intermediaries and lowering transaction costs.
  • Real-Time Transactions: Blockchain technology enables almost instant transactions, expediting processes that typically take days or weeks in traditional real estate transactions.
  • Immutability: Blockchain’s cryptographic nature ensures that once data is recorded, it cannot be altered, providing immutability and a single source of truth.
  • Accessibility: Digital technologies enable transactions with ease, opening up real estate markets to investors from all walks of life.

Traditionally, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have been a popular choice. However, digital property investments offer alternatives with more control, lower fees, and the possibility to invest in specific properties. Through platforms such as Homebase, investors can pool their funds to invest in larger properties. Combined with blockchain, these platforms offer a transparent and secure way to engage in accessible property investments.

Embracing the Future

The new era of affordable real estate investing, driven by digital property investments and blockchain technology, has arrived. From fractional property investing to the revolutionary changes in transaction methods, this landscape offers unprecedented opportunities.

Whether you’re getting started with real estate or looking to explore low-cost property investing options, embracing these technologies can open new doors and possibilities.

Understanding and leveraging these innovative methods may very well redefine your investment journey, equipping you with the tools to participate in a market that was once out of reach for many.

The integration of blockchain, tokenization, and other digital technologies is not just a trend; it’s a transformation. It’s reshaping the very fabric of the real estate market, making it more inclusive, transparent, and efficient. At Homebase, we’ve created a new way for anyone to invest in real estate by utilizing these exciting digital technologies to tokenize our first properties. By diving into this world with Homebase, you’re not only investing in properties; you’re investing in the future of real estate. Join thousands of other people on our mission to change real estate for the better.




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